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It all started with a simple idea of getting a bunch of athletes together and creating a brand to fit all the Monsters of the fitness industry.

We wanted to create clothing that would last through rigorous training and suit strongman and Bodybuilders who like wearing BIG sizes during training. The designs had to be something more too, we wanted to go further then just simple adding our logo to everything, we wanted designs that reflected the mind set, the positive attitude, all with a gritty backdrop of the basic animal instinct to just lift stuff!

We started XplosiveApe in April 2014 - and by end of the year we covered all the major strongman markets. We have grown quickly due to our support from you. We are probably one of the only brands who supply all our clothing from Small to 5XL and even 6XL-7XL on requests.

 XplosiveApe continues to  support many major competitions and athletes within the strength world, and with growing success we plan to expand into other areas of fitness and help support and clothe althetes in many different walks of life.

Thank you for all the support so far - as without your loyalties XplosiveApe wouldn't have grown at this pace.